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Rodent Identification

There are thousands of types of rodents across the globe, but just a few species that commonly infest homes and businesses in Michigan. Learn about the different types in our area here.

Rats and mice may be similar in a lot of ways, but they have a few key differences that can help you identify or treat infestations better. Learn how to tell which pest you have here.

There are some parts of our property that rats or mice are more likely to infest. Learn about the common rodent hiding and nesting spots from the experts at Griffin Pest Solutions.

Like all rodents, mice are more than just a nuisance; they can also damage your property and threaten your health – sometimes in surprising ways. Learn more here.

Though rodent’s aren’t typically aggressive, they may still bite if they feel scared. Their bites can also be dangerous to your health, so you should seek medical attention if you have been bitten.

Rodents are known worldwide for spreading diseases through their excrement, scavenging habits, and more. Learn about the common diseases and symptoms.

Rodent Identification Serving Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids

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