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There is nothing worse for a restaurant patron than seeing a pest scampering across the floor as you are about to eat. Unfortunately, pest problems in restaurants are all too common. Businesses in the food service industry are under serious pressure to maintain a clean environment in order to stay in good standing, and pest control plays a significant role in keeping everything together.

The exterminators at Griffin Pest Solutions can help keep your restaurant in the Michigan area pest-free* all year.

Is Pest Control for Restaurants Essential?

Beyond being gross, pests living in your restaurant can be dangerous. They spread filth, cause alarm for customers, and can contaminate food. There are several reasons why investing in regular pest control services for your restaurant is a crucial expense:

  • Some pests living in Michigan can spread typhoid, cholera, E. coli, and salmonella.
  • Pest droppings, urine, and filth can contaminate food.
  • Rodents can spread parasitic pests in a food service building, such as ticks, mites, and fleas.
  • Pests can cause property damage, affecting your building, wiring, fixtures, and machinery.

How We Handle Extermination in Restaurants

In order to keep your restaurant safe and in business, it’s recommended to work with a restaurant pest control expert who knows the specifics of handling pests in the food service industry. Our restaurant extermination process follows these five steps:

  1. A thorough restaurant inspection covering the inside and surrounding grounds
  2. Documentation of active pest presence and the contributing conditions
  3. Drafting of a plan that will eliminate active pests while meeting all regulations
  4. Closing off of entry points or other exclusion efforts to keep pests out
  5. Continued visits from our team to ensure your restaurant stays pest-free*

Reliable Restaurant Pest Control

The team at Griffin Pest Solutions has years of experience helping restaurants pass inspections and remain pest-free* through every season in Michigan. We will keep your restaurant or food service building safe with regular inspections, preventative measures, and discreet treatments. To learn more about our restaurant pest control, contact our team today!

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