An unfinished basement with a staircase, storage shelves and a washer and dryer

Water intrusion is a common issue in many basements, while water damage is concerning on its own, a damp basement attracts rodents and other pests. Basement remediation and waterproofing from Griffin Pest Solutions can help keep moisture and pests out of your basement. If you already have had a rodent infestation, this service is essential.

This simple procedure can help make your basement more waterproof, more usable and – if you’ve had rats or mice – free of rodent waste and messes. 

Do I Need Basement Remediation? 

Some may claim that all basements just come with that odd, musty smell, but that just isn’t true. That sour odor is a sign of moisture issues, and if left unattended to it can attract pests, breed mold, and cause property damage. Mold and moisture-driven pests like rats and mice can spread disease, which is all the more reason to clean up and seal up your basement to keep rodents and water out as much as possible.

How Does Basement Remediation Work?

We’ll send a technician to your property to remove any old or hazardous insulation. In the process, we will inspect the area for any potential pest entry points, as well as disinfect for any droppings and the pathogens they contain. Once your basement is ready, our team will apply a covering of spray foam that will insulate as well as protect. 

Some of the benefits of spray foam insulation include: 

  • Sealed air gaps
  • No material for rodents to nest in
  • Noise reduction and fortified walls
  • Better insulation and lowered energy costs
  • Moisture control 
  • Protection from insects

Basement Remediation in Michigan

When you make a dark, damp basement cleaner, warmer, and dryer, you make it more habitable for you and less habitable for rats, mice, and other pests. With help from Griffin Pest Solutions, you can enjoy a pest-free*, more waterproof basement that’ll be more comfortable throughout the year. To learn more, contact us today!
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