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Homeowners and business owners face serious problems when birds start roosting and nesting on their properties. Their droppings can harbor bacteria and germs which are responsible for up to 60 different diseases, infections, and ailments in humans. Nesting birds on your property can also become a major nuisance. Birds in the Michigan area are protected species, so we strongly advise against trying to take matters into your own hands when it comes to bird control.

For more than 90 years, Griffin Pest Solutions has been your local expert in bird exclusion and control. Our bird removal methods are discreet, cost-effective, and humane, and we will work with you to develop the best bird control plan for your property.
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Professional Bird Pest Control

While birds are often admired creatures, they can be a nuisance if they nest on or near your house. Birds make a lot of noise on a rooftop, and their nests can come with droppings and debris. It is important to know that in Michigan, many laws and regulations are in place to protect birds. In order to ensure your safety, always enlist the services of a professional bird removal expert. We use various safe and humane bird exclusion methods to make sure birds stay away from your property throughout the year.

Bird Removal for YOUR HOME

Bird Control with Griffin Pest Solutions

Given that all kinds of birds live around Michigan, it can be hard to tell if you have an issue that requires professional attention. It’s important to know that when birds nest on your roof or get inside your attic, it is time to invest in bird removal services.

To keep birds away, we will take the following measures:

  1. A bird control specialist will inspect your property to determine the bird species you’re dealing with and find all problem areas.
  2. We will remove and relocate birds from your property in a safe manner.
  3. To prevent birds from nesting or roosting going forward, we will conduct bird exclusion measures.
  4. If cleanup services are required, we ensure that your property is free from any bird-related waste.

Bird Exclusion for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Birds Out of Your Commercial Property

Especially on large commercial properties, birds can find many opportunities for shelter in the internal structures of our buildings. Having too many birds or lots of droppings around your business can jeopardize your reputation and endanger patrons and staff. Hiring a professional bird control team is an essential step to protecting your business from the hazards associated with birds.

Our bird removal team will create a custom plan suited to the needs of your unique commercial property.

Griffin Pest Solutions Reviews

I have been using Griffin Pest Control for about 10 years; very satisfied with results, they keep our home basically bug free and they have been responsive to an occasional issues of bees on the exterior or yard and an occasional interior problem.

– Gregor D.

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At Griffin Pest Solutions, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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