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TAP® Insulation

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TAP Insulation services by Griffin Pest Solutions You likely know how to stay vigilant for the signs of pest infestation. You may already know to keep your home clear of clutter, to seal your food in airtight containers and keep an eye on moisture levels in your home. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a degree of pest prevention you could obtain that would take some of the pressure off? Something that could allow you to defend against a variety of insect infestations without you having to lift a finger? TAP® (Thermal Acoustical Pest Control) Insulation can be installed by a certified Griffin Pest Solutions specialist to complement our pest management and termite protection by helping to manage crawling insects in your attic. As an added benefit, it will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, helping to lower your energy bill year-round. This home insulation option is increasingly popular for homeowners and boasts a number of benefits, from its eco-friendly materials and long-lasting pest control properties. Griffin Pest Solutions is proud to be your local licensed installer of TAP Insulation. We are proud to provide our customers throughout Michigan with this service, which doubles as an exception home insulation product and pest prevention product.

How Does TAP® Insulation Work?

TAP is made up primarily of cellulose insulation that’s been treated with boric acid. The borate is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used throughout history as a cleaning agent, an antiseptic, and a method to preserve food. In small quantities it’s essentially harmless to humans and animals. However, when certain insect pests ingest it, they are unable to pass the mineral and die soon after. And just like that, you’ve stopped an infestation before one has had a chance to form.

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What is TAP® Pest Control Insulation?

In addition to being an exceptional home insulation option by keeping structures thermally sound, TAP also prevents and controls pests with the borate-infused material. Pests are unable to build up a tolerance to the borate infused in the insulation. With TAP Insulation, you can have peace of mind knowing that yours is protected from these common pests:
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Benefits of TAP Insulation

Acting quickly and proactively is the first step in maintaining a pest-FREE home. Here are some of the benefits of TAP insulation:

  • Keeps home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Reduces heating and cooling bills 20-40% and pays for itself over time
  • 32% more efficient than fiberglass insulation
  • More fire retardant than fiberglass insulation
  • Manages pests that may enter your attic
  • Reduces noise
  • Environmentally responsible – TAP has earned an Energy STAR and is made from 87% recycled paper
  • Can be installed over existing insulation
  • Lifetime warranty – you’ll NEVER have to replace it

TAP Pest Control Insulation Services in Michigan

At Griffin Pest Solutions, our goal is to reduce the conditions in your property that may lead or contribute to pest problems. Our home insulation services can help decrease the risk of pest problems inside your home. TAP Insulation is a smart investment for new and existing structures, and we are proud to have licensed technicians that have the expertise needed to install it in your Michigan property. Contact us today to get an estimate for TAP Insulation!

TAP stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation

Insect pests come into contact with insulation and get coated with boric acid as a result. They then ingest the mineral while grooming themselves or each other, and since they are unable to pass it, they eventually die of dehydration or malnutrition.

TAP Insulation is blown into your attic, or into the wall voids of new constructions. It can be easily installed over existing installation, and the process takes between four to six hours depending on the size of the space treated.

TAP is made with upwards of 80% recycled materials. It’s cellulose, which takes less energy to produce, and when installed it can greatly reduce a household’s carbon footprint. 

TAP insulation is unable to kill rodents due to the concentration of boric acid. But this is a good thing, as it also means your pets and smaller children won’t be harmed unless they ingest a large enough quantity. 

The boric acid in TAP Insulation is not harmful to humans or pets, unless ingested in large quantities. And the material of the insulation is not flammable. In fact, the borates in the cellulose slow down the spread of fire where other insulations would fail!

TAP Insulation, once settles, maintains a level of effectiveness that lasts almost indefinitely. Unless it is damaged by water or larger pests, you won’t have to worry about replacing the material for as long as you live in your current property!

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