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Rodent baits vs snap traps

There are a lot of rodent control products on the market, but the two most popular are bait stations and snap traps. While both options can be very helpful when treating an infestation, each also has a few drawbacks. Knowing the difference between rodent baits and snap traps can help you determine which is the best for your situation. When choosing which solution to use, you should consider:

  • Where the rodents are on your property
  • Possibility of exposure to toxicity
  • Access to professional assistance
Rodent baits vs snap traps; Griffin Pest Solutions

How Are Rodent Baits and Snap Traps Different?

Rodent bait stations use toxic chemicals that are disguised to look, smell, and taste like rat food. After eating the bait, the rodent will either die near the trap or carry more poison back to their colony. Meanwhile, snap traps are the traditional traps that most people think of when they imagine mouse traps. They use a simple mechanism – a pressure-sensitive plate filled with bait that releases a bar when the rodent tries to feed.

Which Type of Rodent Trap Should I Use?

Both snap traps and bait stations can be effective, but it’s important to examine your situation and be aware of the different drawbacks. Some questions to ask yourself when deciding which type of rodent control you should use include:

  • Do I know where the rodents are hiding? Regardless of what type of trap you use, they won’t be successful if the rodents never come across them. If you aren’t sure where the rats or mice are hiding out, it’s best to work with a professional to come up with an effective plan. 
  • Do you have pets or small children? Though both types of traps can be harmful if mishandled, bait stations are particularly hazardous to families. The chemicals in the bait aren’t just harmful to rats; they can also be dangerous to humans and other animals if mishandled, touched, or accidentally consumed. 
    Do I feel comfortable handling a dead rodent? If your traps are successful, you will need to safely dispose of the rodent’s corpse. Since rats and mice can transmit serious diseases, it’s important to do so carefully.

Safest Method of Rodent Removal

Setting rodent traps can be a great way to treat an infestation, especially if you pair them with other preventative techniques. However, both bait stations and snap traps come with some pretty big drawbacks that you should carefully consider before heading to your department store. 

At the end of the day, the safest and most effective solution is professional rodent control. Experts know how to use a blend of natural and chemical-based solutions in a way that prioritizes your health and the surrounding environment. Contact Griffin Pest Solutions and they will create a customized solution that suits your needs and protects your family.

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