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Are rat bait stations safe?

When it comes to rodent control, few solutions are as effective as bait stations. These stations use toxic but enticing bait, which the rodent will consume and die. Some rats or mice will even carry some of the poison back to their pack, which will help eliminate a colony even more effectively. However, while rat bait stations can be very effective, they aren’t entirely safe unless properly set up by a licensed rodent control expert.

Are rat bait stations safe; Griffin Pest Solutions

How Rat Bait Stations Work

Rat bait stations use a toxic bait that looks and smells like rat food. Some stations are small and enclosed so the rodent will die in a set location, where others are slower acting and allow the rodent to bring the poison back to their nest. Regardless of which type you use, however, they likely contain harsh chemicals that can also be harmful to pets and humans.

Downsides to Poison-Based Rat Traps

Since bait stations use toxic chemicals, they can be dangerous to more than just rodents. Even just coming into contact with the poison could cause adverse health effects, and it’s even more dangerous if you have small children or pets nearby. Additionally, these traps have to be discovered by rats in order to work. If they aren’t placed in the right location, they could be ineffective at best – or entirely dangerous.

Do Exterminators Use Rodent Bait Stations?

Professional rodent control often relies on a variety of techniques before turning to potentially toxic solutions. Licensed exterminators will begin by thoroughly examining your property to pinpoint the root cause of your infestation. Then, they will create a custom treatment plan that targets the infestation without risking your health and safety.

When you need reliable pest control services, turn to the experts at Griffin Pest Solutions. Our team has over 93 years of experience providing natural and effective rodent removal services throughout the Michigan area. We strive to deliver long-lasting results that don’t rely solely on the use of toxic traps. Just give us a call to learn more or schedule your appointment.

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