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How to keep rats out of your yard

If you have a rodent infestation in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before they end up indoors. Preventing an outdoor infestation may seem impossible, but with the right preparation, it is possible to keep rats out of your yard – and therefore your home. Some of the key things to focus on when keeping rodents out of your yard are:

  • Maintaining a tidy landscape
  • Always picking up trash and leftover food
  • Moving your woodpile away from your home
  • Keeping any sheds or other structures in good condition
How to keep rats out of your yard; Griffin Pest Solutions

Why Are There Rats in my Yard?

Rodents are attracted to any space with ample food, shelter, and water. Our yards often meet all three of those needs, and they’re a lot easier for pests to access than our homes. Some main reasons why you might have rats in your yard include:

  • Fruit trees: Especially in the summer and autumn, fallen fruit is a great food source for rats and mice. Try harvesting early and picking up any fallen fruit to avoid pests. 
  • Irrigation or water features: Like all creatures, rodents need water to survive. Leaky plumbing, excessive irrigation, or flowing water features can all attract them. 
  • Trash: Rats in particular are known for their scavenging behaviors and love of garbage. Always store your refuse in tightly lidded bins and avoid leaving any out. 
  • Pet food bowls: Your pets aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the food bowl. Avoid leaving pet food outdoors and remember to regularly clean up any scraps.
  • Overgrowth or clutter: Rodents prefer spaces where they have shelter and hiding places. Clutter, tall grass, and other overgrowth can make your yard more attractive.

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Car

It may seem strange, but rodents aren’t just known for infesting backyards and basements. They can also wind up in your car, especially when they’re seeking warmth and shelter in the wintertime. If you notice droppings on the floor or a foul smell coming from the engine compartment, we recommend calling a licensed professional for removal services. To prevent rats or mice from getting in your car in the first place, try these tips:

  • Use essential oils as a deterrent, such as peppermint or cedarwood
  • Place mouse traps near your car while you’re away
  • Leave the hood open to keep it cold and uninviting to rodents
  • Avoid leaving trash, food, or old drinks inside of your car
  • Move or start the car regularly

Best Way to Get Rodents Out of Your Yard

Outdoor infestations can be very challenging to deal with. After all, you have a lot less control over your landscape and all the critters in it. While there are certainly some steps you can take to make your property less enticing to rodents, professional rodent control is the best way to keep rats and mice out of your yard. 

Whether you have rats in your garden or you want help protecting your space, you can count on Griffin Pest Solutions to help. Our licensed exterminators have proudly served the Michigan community for 93 years, and we use industry-leading practices to provide long-term results. Just give us a call to learn more or get started!

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