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How to keep mice away in Michigan

A mouse is the last thing you want to find scurrying around your home or business. These pests are not only destructive and hazardous to your health, but they’re also very tough to get rid of once they’ve invaded your property. The best way to avoid the headache and danger of a rodent infestation is to be proactive about prevention. Some of the most effective methods for keeping mice away include:

  • Sealing entry points
  • Fixing moisture problems
  • Properly storing food
  • Limiting potential nesting materials
How to keep mice away in Kalamazoo;  Griffin Pest Solutions

Best Ways to Keep Mice Away

Mice are constantly looking for locations with easy access to food, shelter, and water. If you make it difficult for them to find these necessities, they won’t be drawn to your property to begin with. To keep mice away from your home or business, try following these prevention tips:

  • Seal entry points: Mice can get through extremely tiny openings. For that reason, you should go around your property and look for potential entry points. Use caulk or metal mesh to seal cracks and gaps, and consider installing additional protections like door sweeps and vent covers. 
  • Remove food sources: Though mice prefer fruits, nuts, and seeds, they’ll eat most human foods too. Immediately put away leftovers in airtight containers and store your trash in lidded bins. Be sure to pick up scraps from pet food bowls as well. 
  • Fix moisture problems: Moisture issues can cause all sorts of problems, from mold growth to pest infestations. Like many other critters, mice are more likely to invade places with easy access to water. Fix any leaky plumbing, irrigation issues, or other moisture problems to keep them at bay.
  • Remove clutter: Mice tend to choose areas with plenty of hiding places and nesting materials. Leaving clutter like cardboard boxes, newspaper stacks, and unused blankets will make your property more attractive to these pests.

Do Mice Repellents Work?

On their own, mouse repellents are rarely successful. Even if the repellent has a scent that mice don’t like, the rodents will ignore it if your home or business has everything else they need to survive. While natural mouse deterrents – such as essential oil or hot pepper solutions – can act as an added layer of protection, you won’t see good results unless you implement other preventative measures.

Get Rid of Mice For Good

Despite our best efforts, sometimes mice still make it indoors. If you start to notice the signs of an infestation, such as droppings or gnaw marks, you should contact a professional as quickly as possible. Established colonies are very challenging to get rid of, and most DIY mouse control tactics will be ineffective against mice that are already inside. That’s where a licensed exterminator can help. 

If you want to keep mice off of your property for good, turn to the experts at Griffin Pest Solutions! Our team is backed by 93 years of experience providing the Michigan community with custom pest control solutions. We use industry-leading techniques that get rid of existing rodents while safeguarding your property from future infestations.

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