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How to get rid of rats

Rats are one of the most destructive and hazardous pests in Michigan. If you notice early signs of an infestation, it’s important to take quick action to get rid of these rodents as quickly as possible. Though your unique situation will determine which techniques are most effective, here are some steps that can help you get rid of rats:

  • Reduce clutter around your property
  • Throw trash away immediately and use sealed bins
  • Fix any moisture issues such as leaky plumbing
  • Set traps or bait stations
How to get rid of rats in Kalamazoo; Griffin Pest Solutions

What Attracts Rats in Your House?

Especially with how cold winter is here in Michigan, it’s no surprise that rats may try to sneak indoors when looking for shelter. However, there are a number of other factors that could draw them to your property. Excess clutter gives them plenty of hiding places and nesting material, while trash or unattended leftovers makes it easy for them to survive. That’s why the best way to prevent an infestation is to make it harder for the rodents to access food, shelter, or water. You can do so by sealing off potential entry holes, decluttering, and making sure your food is out of reach.

How to Use Homemade Rat Traps

If you already have rats, preventative measures likely won’t be enough to eliminate the infestation. While homemade rat traps can help you get rid of them, you have to be careful to avoid exposing yourself to live or dead rodents. Even their corpses can spread deadly diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, or the bubonic plague. 

To minimize your potential contact with rodents, we recommend using the bucket rat trap. Set up the trap by leaning a ramp next to a 5-gallon bucket. Place some peanut butter in the bottom of the bucket. The rat will climb up, fall in, and be unable to escape.

Professional Rat Removal in Michigan

Like any rodent, rats are very persistent and hard to get rid of on your own. However, the longer they are on your property, the more likely they are to spread disease or damage your property. Especially if you are trying to get rid of burrowing rats, you’ll likely struggle to treat the infestation with DIY methods. 

If you want to eliminate the rodents and keep them from coming back in the future, professional rat extermination services are the way to go. At Griffin Pest Solutions, all of our technicians are state-certified and use industry-leading practices for fast and reliable results. We have 93 years of experience and bring a wealth of local expertise to each job. No matter how severe your infestation is, we’ve got you covered. Take your first step toward pest-free* living and call us to schedule an appointment.

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