Mosquito finding a potential breeding site in the dew on a fallen autumn leaf

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Yard and Your Family

Do buzzing mosquitoes and itchy bites send you and your family running for cover and calamine lotion? We’ll uncover the facts about the animal kingdom’s most deadly pest and help…

Mosquito stinging someone's arm

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

Female mosquitoes (Spanish for “little flies”) are the survivors of the species. They typically live two to three weeks but have been known to survive in sheltered areas for up…

Mosquito resting on a window screen outside someone's house in early summer 2020, during the pandemic quarantine. Can mosquitoes spread the coronavirus?

Can Mosquitoes or Other Pests Spread the Coronavirus?

Short answer: it’s highly unlikely. The World Health Organization has definitively stated that mosquitoes do not spread the coronavirus. The CDC has no data to suggest that ticks or mosquitoes…

Mosquito in snow

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in Winter?

People like to venture to warmer climes during the winter. Snowbird grandparents flee to Arizona or Florida. Lucky vacationers take planes to anywhere they can find that isn’t covered in…

Mosquitoes need water to reproduce and grow.

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes in Michigan?

Michigan natural topography is perfect for mosquitoes in several ways. First, the bloodsuckers need water to reproduce and grow. They’re most attracted to standing water found in wetlands. Next, mosquitoes…

What you should know about mosquitoes this summer

Everything You Need to Know About Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes are a fact of life in Michigan during the summer time. If you live in Michigan during the summer, you are going to contend with mosquitoes at some point….

Zika Virus Information Update

Research Shows Indigenous Mosquito Capable of Transmitting Zika Virus

Researchers at the University of North Dakota just published a study finding that Aedes vexans, a mosquito that is indigenous (native) to North America, is capable of becoming infected with…