Brown recluse spider

Is That a Brown Recluse Spider?

There are two spiders in Michigan with dangerous venomous bites: the black widow and the brown recluse. The black widow may be more famous, but the brown recluse tends to…

House fly perched on a plant stalk

How Long Do Flies Live?

How long a fly lives depends on its species and the temperature of its environment. In warm, humid environments with plentiful food, flies could live as few as 15 days….

Silverfish pest close-up

What is a silverfish? [Video]

The first time you saw a silverfish, you were probably… concerned, to say the least. Silverfish are freaky looking. They don’t even look like insects so much as weird, terrestrial…

Northern Black Widow close-up

The Most Poisonous Pests in Michigan

Animal poison tends to be as provocative as it is scary. Somebody asks us about poison almost every single day. Usually by asking “is that thing poisonous?!” The answer is…

Fishing Spider

Pest Horror Stories of Michigan

It’s Halloween, and we’re Michigan’s pest control company. You know what that means. Last year, we explored some of the most frightening, upsetting, and down-right ghoulish pests in Michigan. But…

Michigan's summer bug blues

Michigan’s Summer Bug Blues

If summer ever feels too good to be true, then consider summer bugs the catch. All kinds of bugs naturally grow and thrive in the heat and abundance. Add Michigan’s…

Rainy day pests to look out for

Rainy Day Pests to Watch Out For

Rain is a welcome change of pace in spring time, especially since it helps push away the winter grey. As you might expect of any meteorological change, however, rain can…

Where Do Termites Go in the Winter?

Where Do Termites Go in the Winter?

Thinking about termites isn’t fun in the best of times. And winter is almost never the best of times. Unfortunately, however, everyone’s least favorite wood-muncher knows you don’t want to…

Intercepting Stink Bugs

Intercepting Stink Bugs in the Wintertime

Unlike many other pests in our part of the world, stink bugs don’t infest homes during the spring or summer. Instead, Michigan’s newest neighbor tends to start infesting homes in…