Pest horror stories of Michigan

Pest Horror Stories of Michigan

It’s Halloween, and we’re Michigan’s pest control company. You know what that means. Last year, we explored some of the most frightening, upsetting, and down-right ghoulish pests in Michigan. But…

Pests in your basement this fall

The Pests in Your Basement this Fall

Fall is prime pest season. All kinds of pests know winter is coming, and they’re scrambling to sneak into a warm place. Basements are a pest’s favorite hiding place. They’re…

Rainy day pests to look out for

Rainy Day Pests to Watch Out For

Rain is a welcome change of pace in spring time, especially since it helps push away the winter grey. As you might expect of any meteorological change, however, rain can…

Holiday Humbugs to Watch Out For

Holiday Humbugs to Watch Out For This Winter

The Holidays are a unique time of year. You travel to places you don’t usually visit, do things you don’t usually do, with people you don’t usually see. All this…

The Scariest Pests in Michigan

The Scariest Pests in Michigan

Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit than reading about the scariest monsters around you? Well, you’ve come to the right place….

Hand gripping cockroach outside of house

Why Are These Pests Coming to My House?

The mere suggestion gives you anxiety when you’re getting ready to move, or fills you with indignant wrath for your blissfully ignorant neighbor. It’s true: some homes are more prone…