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There’s a delicate balance between enjoying the presence of birds around your home and facing potential bird-related issues. Failing to monitor the bird activity around your property can expose your home to a wide range of problems. Birds in or around your home can lead to problems ranging from minor disturbances caused by noisy birds to more severe concerns, such as health and safety risks due to chimney obstructions and droppings, as well as causing damage to your home or property. If you are struggling with these feathered nuisances infiltrating your chimney in Michigan, keep reading to learn how the experts at Griffin Pest Solutions deter birds from causing problems around your home.

Issues Caused by Birds Around Your Home

Birds can present challenges for homeowners in Michigan in a variety of ways. If you have noticed an increase in bird activity around your property, make sure to watch out for these common bird-related problems:

  • Droppings: Bird excrement can contain fungi. When the spores of the fungi are inhaled, they are known to cause histoplasmosis in humans. This illness can escalate to dangerous levels and may cause symptoms like fever, aches, and chills. 
  • Clogged Gutters: Your home’s gutters are the perfect spot for a bird to build their nest. Clogged gutters from bird nests can result in water damage to your home and waterlogging your landscaping.
  • Chimney Blockage: Large bird nests within your chimney can trap fireplace fumes indoors, leading to potential carbon monoxide poisoning and other health and safety risks.

Preventing Birds in Your Chimney

While you may enjoy birds on your deck, birds in your chimney can cause property damage and increase safety and health risks for you and your family. Birds around your property will often seek refuge in your chimney due to the warmth and shelter it provides. To deter birds from nesting in your chimney, we recommend installing chimney caps. These specialized caps cover your chimney with a grate-like cover, allowing fireplace flumes to escape safely while preventing debris, droppings, and birds from entering. These caps are extremely effective at deterring birds and other wildlife from entering your chimney and causing problems.

Griffin Pest Solutions – Michigan‘s Wildlife Experts

While in most cases chimney caps are highly effective in keeping birds out of your chimney, sometimes persistent birds can still get through. If you’ve installed chimney caps and are still battling with birds around your chimney, it is important to enlist the help of your local pest control and exclusion experts. The bird removal specialists at Griffin Pest Solutions have extensive experience handling Michigan’s diverse bird population and can create a tailored plan for your home. They will use humane and effective bird elimination methods to ensure birds no longer wreak havoc on your home. For a free estimate or to learn more about our bird control services, contact the bird experts at Griffin Pest Solutions today!

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