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Late summer is a time of transition between the hottest days of the year and the upcoming fall season. While we try to enjoy the warmth and last few weeks of summer, spending time with family and friends, late summer pests are also soaking in the sun, becoming more active. The combination of heat and humidity provides an ideal environment for pests like mosquitoes, spiders, and stinging insects to thrive and multiply.


Spiders are a common sight during late summer. You may see these 8-legged pests more frequently due to a variety of factors. During this time, spring spiderlings have had time to fully mature, leading to a significant increase in the spider population. In addition to more spiders, insects are often more active in the late summer, making it the perfect time to build large webs to ensnare prey. You may also find more spiders in your home. In the late summer, many insects will find their way into your home looking to escape the looming cooler weather. With more pests coming inside, your home provides a perfect hunting ground for many spiders.


Mosquitoes are the bane of every outdoor summer activity; they thrive in the warm, humid late summer weather. The warm temperatures also speed up mosquitoes’ growth and increase the availability of food sources for mosquito larvae. Together, this allows the mosquito population to grow steadily during the last few months of summer, making these pests more of a nuisance than ever.

Stinging Insects

Late summer brings a surge in stinging insects as they reach the peak of their activity. By late summer, wasp, hornet, and bee colonies have grown considerably, leading to an increased population around your home. Additionally, as summer wanes, there is lower availability of flowers and other food sources for these buzzing insects. With less natural food available, many stinging insects will begin crashing your picnic and infiltrating your garbage in search of sugary food or drinks.


Rodents are a particularly unpleasant pest to have in or around your home. They can often be found in homes during the late summer and early fall as they prepare for winter. As the temperatures slowly drop, rodents, such as house mice and black rats, will begin gathering food and supplies to build their nests while also looking for a warm, comfortable place to spend the winter. 

Keep Late Summer Pests Out With Griffin Pest Solutions

Late summer might mark the end of vacation, warm weather, and long days, but it doesn’t mark the end of pest season. Take back control of your home and enjoy the last of summer’s beauty without the hassle of unwanted guests. Don’t let these pests spoil your summer; call the professionals at Griffin Pest Solutions!

Griffin Pest Solutions has been serving the residents of Michigan since 1929. We understand the unique pest challenges in our region and take pride in using sustainable and environmentally friendly pest control practices, keeping you and your family safe while effectively eliminating pests around your home. Don’t let these summer pests turn into fall pests, contact Griffin Pest Solutions today and ensure your home is pest-free* in every season!

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