Five Scary Facts about Roaches

Five Scary Facts about Roaches in Kalamazoo MI | Griffin Pest Solutions

Spotting these creepy critters at home is never good news, especially since they multiply fast, with female cockroaches not needing a mate. Don’t let these pests take over – act quickly and bring in a professional cockroach pest control expert, like Griffin Pest Solutions! Keep reading for five eye-opening facts about cockroaches.

Cockroaches Can Be Quite Fast

Cockroaches can scurry at speeds over 3 miles per hour, making them tricky to catch. This rapid movement is not just a nuisance; it’s a health concern too. These pests are known carriers of bacteria linked to serious illnesses such as dysentery, typhoid fever, Salmonellosis, and cholera. Their ability to dart around your home poses an increased risk of contamination, emphasizing the importance of professional intervention.


Cockroaches’ Have Nearly Indestructible Exoskeletons

No ordinary squashing will work – cockroaches have exoskeletons that can withstand pressure up to 900 times their body weight. This incredible durability is why attempting to handle an infestation without professional help is often futile. Their robust exoskeletons allow them to squeeze through the smallest crevices, complicating DIY extermination efforts. To effectively eliminate these resilient pests, it’s crucial to rely on the expertise of trained professionals armed with the right tools and strategies.

They Exhibit Cannibalistic Habits

Attracted by the scent of a deceased nest mate, cockroaches exhibit a creepy habit of cannibalism. This behavior not only adds a disturbing layer to their biology but also complicates eradication efforts. When a cockroach dies, the “death stench” attracts other roaches, leading to potential infestation hotspots. This social nature underscores the need for professional pest control measures that address not just individual cockroaches but the entire colony.

Cockroaches Can Live Without Their Heads

Even without a head, a cockroach can survive for weeks, relying on a sophisticated respiratory system. While it might seem like something out of a horror movie, this remarkable survival trait poses a significant challenge when trying to eliminate these pests. Their ability to persist without crucial body parts requires a targeted and comprehensive approach that only professional exterminators can provide.

Cockroaches Defy Suffocation

Contrary to popular belief, cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 45 minutes, making suffocation an ineffective control method. This surprising ability adds another layer of complexity to getting rid of them. Effective pest control requires a thorough understanding of their biology and behavior, something that professionals at Griffin Pest Solutions excel in.

Dealing With Cockroaches? Griffin Pest Solutions Can Help! 

If cockroaches have invaded your home, don’t wait. Griffin Pest Solutions in Kalamazoo, MI, offers straightforward pest removal services, including cockroach extermination! Contact us today for a free quote and take back control of your space from these resilient invaders.

Griffin Pest Solutions: Celebrating 95 Years of Service and Sustainability

Griffin Pest Solutions - Operating for 95 years in Kalamazoo, MI

At Griffin Pest Solutions, our journey began in 1929 when our founder, Linden L. Griffin, Sr., transformed his expertise in pest control into a thriving business. For 95 years, our team has been dedicated to providing top-notch services, from our humble beginnings to becoming a symbol of quality and commitment.

Our Origins and Customer Focus

Founded by Mr. Griffin, Sr., initially a chemical salesman, Griffin Pest Solutions emerged as a response to customer needs during door-to-door product demonstrations. Our commitment to customer service has been at the heart of our success and remains a driving force in everything we do.


Leadership in Sustainability

We are proud to be pioneers in the “green” movement, introducing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 27 years ago. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our GreenPro certification, setting standards for environmentally conscious pest control that define our legacy.

Community Engagement for Nearly a Century

Beyond providing exceptional pest management, we actively contribute to the communities we serve. Corporate contributions and donated services have supported local organizations, aligning with our commitment to public interest work throughout our 95-year journey.

Decades of Innovative Pest Control in Michigan

Our team utilizes innovative technology and tailored solutions to protect homes and businesses across Michigan. Our state-certified specialists, armed with local pest knowledge, focus on prevention, removal, monitoring, and exclusion. 

Looking Ahead

As proud members of the Rentokil family, we align with a global brand committed to responsibility and sustainability. This partnership ensures that our legacy of service provision will continue to evolve and improve, guided by our simple mission: to use technical expertise to protect people and enhance lives.

Celebrating 95 years, Griffin Pest Solutions stands as a beacon of service, sustainability, and community engagement. Our rich history and commitment to excellence guarantee a future where we continue to thrive, protect, and enhance lives for many more years to come. Join us in celebrating 95 years of Griffin Pest Solutions—where tradition meets innovation, and dedication is the hallmark of our success.

Stop Birds From Entering Your Home With Chimney Caps

Stop Birds From Entering Your Home With Chimney Caps in Kalamazoo MI | Griffin Pest Solutions

There’s a delicate balance between enjoying the presence of birds around your home and facing potential bird-related issues. Failing to monitor the bird activity around your property can expose your home to a wide range of problems. Birds in or around your home can lead to problems ranging from minor disturbances caused by noisy birds to more severe concerns, such as health and safety risks due to chimney obstructions and droppings, as well as causing damage to your home or property. If you are struggling with these feathered nuisances infiltrating your chimney in Michigan, keep reading to learn how the experts at Griffin Pest Solutions deter birds from causing problems around your home.

Issues Caused by Birds Around Your Home

Birds can present challenges for homeowners in Michigan in a variety of ways. If you have noticed an increase in bird activity around your property, make sure to watch out for these common bird-related problems:

  • Droppings: Bird excrement can contain fungi. When the spores of the fungi are inhaled, they are known to cause histoplasmosis in humans. This illness can escalate to dangerous levels and may cause symptoms like fever, aches, and chills. 
  • Clogged Gutters: Your home’s gutters are the perfect spot for a bird to build their nest. Clogged gutters from bird nests can result in water damage to your home and waterlogging your landscaping.
  • Chimney Blockage: Large bird nests within your chimney can trap fireplace fumes indoors, leading to potential carbon monoxide poisoning and other health and safety risks.

Preventing Birds in Your Chimney

While you may enjoy birds on your deck, birds in your chimney can cause property damage and increase safety and health risks for you and your family. Birds around your property will often seek refuge in your chimney due to the warmth and shelter it provides. To deter birds from nesting in your chimney, we recommend installing chimney caps. These specialized caps cover your chimney with a grate-like cover, allowing fireplace flumes to escape safely while preventing debris, droppings, and birds from entering. These caps are extremely effective at deterring birds and other wildlife from entering your chimney and causing problems.

Griffin Pest Solutions – Michigan‘s Wildlife Experts

While in most cases chimney caps are highly effective in keeping birds out of your chimney, sometimes persistent birds can still get through. If you’ve installed chimney caps and are still battling with birds around your chimney, it is important to enlist the help of your local pest control and exclusion experts. The bird removal specialists at Griffin Pest Solutions have extensive experience handling Michigan’s diverse bird population and can create a tailored plan for your home. They will use humane and effective bird elimination methods to ensure birds no longer wreak havoc on your home. For a free estimate or to learn more about our bird control services, contact the bird experts at Griffin Pest Solutions today!

Late Summer Pests in Michigan

Rodent on wooden ledge in Kalamazoo MI

Late summer is a time of transition between the hottest days of the year and the upcoming fall season. While we try to enjoy the warmth and last few weeks of summer, spending time with family and friends, late summer pests are also soaking in the sun, becoming more active. The combination of heat and humidity provides an ideal environment for pests like mosquitoes, spiders, and stinging insects to thrive and multiply.


Spiders are a common sight during late summer. You may see these 8-legged pests more frequently due to a variety of factors. During this time, spring spiderlings have had time to fully mature, leading to a significant increase in the spider population. In addition to more spiders, insects are often more active in the late summer, making it the perfect time to build large webs to ensnare prey. You may also find more spiders in your home. In the late summer, many insects will find their way into your home looking to escape the looming cooler weather. With more pests coming inside, your home provides a perfect hunting ground for many spiders.


Mosquitoes are the bane of every outdoor summer activity; they thrive in the warm, humid late summer weather. The warm temperatures also speed up mosquitoes’ growth and increase the availability of food sources for mosquito larvae. Together, this allows the mosquito population to grow steadily during the last few months of summer, making these pests more of a nuisance than ever.

Stinging Insects

Late summer brings a surge in stinging insects as they reach the peak of their activity. By late summer, wasp, hornet, and bee colonies have grown considerably, leading to an increased population around your home. Additionally, as summer wanes, there is lower availability of flowers and other food sources for these buzzing insects. With less natural food available, many stinging insects will begin crashing your picnic and infiltrating your garbage in search of sugary food or drinks.


Rodents are a particularly unpleasant pest to have in or around your home. They can often be found in homes during the late summer and early fall as they prepare for winter. As the temperatures slowly drop, rodents, such as house mice and black rats, will begin gathering food and supplies to build their nests while also looking for a warm, comfortable place to spend the winter. 

Keep Late Summer Pests Out With Griffin Pest Solutions

Late summer might mark the end of vacation, warm weather, and long days, but it doesn’t mark the end of pest season. Take back control of your home and enjoy the last of summer’s beauty without the hassle of unwanted guests. Don’t let these pests spoil your summer; call the professionals at Griffin Pest Solutions!

Griffin Pest Solutions has been serving the residents of Michigan since 1929. We understand the unique pest challenges in our region and take pride in using sustainable and environmentally friendly pest control practices, keeping you and your family safe while effectively eliminating pests around your home. Don’t let these summer pests turn into fall pests, contact Griffin Pest Solutions today and ensure your home is pest-free* in every season!

Pest Control Insulation

A worker blowing pest control insulation into an open wall.

Many homeowners deal with pest control on a yearly basis. In the lower Michigan Peninsula, pests come around in the spring and summer time. During the winters months when pests are in hibernation, it is easy to forget how important year-round pest control is. TAP Insulation has you covered – it is an ongoing and long-term pest control solution that can prevent pests from even entering your home!

What Is TAP® Insulation?

TAP (Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control) insulation is made mainly from recycled paper products that are destined for the landfill, such as ground up newspaper.  After being chopped into small pieces the paper is run through a disk mill which grinds it into “cotton-ball-like” fibers. TAP insulation works on three different fronts to ensure your home is warm, quiet, and pest-free* year-round. 

  • Thermal: TAP Insulation uses the cotton like fibers to create air pockets. As heat rises, these air pockets help to slow down and trap rising air. As a result, this keeps your house warm in the colder months and cooler in the warm months. 
  • Acoustical: The plush texture of TAP insulation can help muffle noises from your home. The same features that help TAP insulation retain heat will be the ones keeping your home from sounding like a concert hall.
  • Pest Control: Through a patented process, the insulation is treated with a borate solution, which is a natural insecticide. As insects attempt to infiltrate your home they’ll be covered in borate. When the insects clean themselves, they are unable to pass the borate through their system and will ultimately die. Pests won’t be able to make it through the insulation before they pass away – keeping your home pest-free*.

TAP Insulation Benefits

Insulation is important to any home, but TAP goes beyond just insulation. It is the only insulation that is registered by the EPA for its insecticide properties.. This special insulation offers a number of additional advantages:

  • Cost Effective: A one-time treatment lasts for years to come.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: This insulation is generally made from recycled, natural materials that are non-toxic. This makes it safer for homes with children, people with sensitivities, and pets.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: TAP insulation has earned an Energy Star because contains more than 80% recycled material. It will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Prevention: Treated insulation is environmentally friendly and does not contribute to pollution of the water, air, or soil, like conventional chemical pest prevention methods may.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Unlike chemical pesticides, which need to be applied frequently, TAP insulation can provide long-lasting protection from your home from new and existing pests.

Why Go with Pest Control Insulation?

Many insulations on the market have been treated with pesticides so you may be asking why you would need TAP insulation. It’s important to note that pesticide-treated insulations simply protect the insulation itself. They do not prevent pests from entering your home. This leads to invading pests going through the insulation and straight into your home! 

In contrast, TAP insulation is designed to keep pests out long-term. Pests only need to come into contact with the insulation for it to work. With the insulation actually providing a barrier from inside of the house there’s no need for repeat visits from a pest control company to treat the perimeter of the house. Considering TAP Insulation is a pesticide, it needs to be installed by a licensed pest control company. Griffin Pest Solutions is certified and trained to apply TAP insulation and other pest control measures you need. Our trained technicians are certified and ready to provide you with this long-lasting solution!

Spring Cleaning – Prevent Pests Inside

A woman spring cleaning windows for pest prevention.

After a cold and snowy winter, all of Michigan celebrates the arrival of spring. Here in the lower peninsula of Michigan, springtime is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The Crocuses, Daffodils and Tulips are starting to peek up out of the earth, soon to show their brilliant colors. Along with routine spring cleaning, focus on the areas below to prevent pests from getting inside. Griffin Pest is committed to bringing our community prevention tips to keep pests away before they ever become a problem. For information on pests that are common in our area, look at our Pest Identification Library.

Pests Inside

  • Kitchen – Prevent ants and cockroaches by cleaning your kitchen surfaces regularly, as well as appliances such as toasters and grills. Clean out your pantries, an unkempt pantry is like a buffet line. Clean your fridge, and cabinets by removing expired and unwanted items. Scrub your drawers with bleach or kitchen cleaner, and afterward, sweep and mop your floor. Even random crumbs can be enough to create the need for pest control.
  • Bathroom – Moisture in your bathrooms can attract cockroaches and silverfish.  Regularly wash shower curtains, dry bathroom surfaces, and clean out drawers and cabinets. Pests may enter through window sills, and drains. Check screens and any gaps around window sills. Pour bleach down drains as pests may come up your drains. Check pipes under the sink for any leaks, as water attracts pests. 
  • Basement – In your basement insects thrive in the dark, and out of sight. The dark allows them to avoid predators when they search for food, which is often at night. They hide in crevices, which is why they are less likely to be seen until it’s too late – especially in an unfinished basement. 
  • Declutter – Remove clutter inside your home, basement, garage and sheds. Storage spaces are ideal for spiders, cockroaches and rodents as they are often dark and filled with lots of clutter. These conditions are perfect for breeding and hiding.

Pests Outside

  • Home Exterior –  Look for cracks and holes in the foundation or openings around windows. Ant problems can usually be traced to tiny fissures around windows. Remember, insects must enter your home before they can pose a real pest control problem. Ants are especially diligent about locating new entry points. Seal any cracks you find and repair or replace screens in windows. By eliminating any openings in your home’s periphery, you’re taking the first step in pest control. 
  • Trash Cans – Trash cans are an area that commonly hold food and will act as a magnet for pests. The trash can is a common weak point in pest prevention and control. Store your cans away from the house if possible. Ensure your trash cans have a tight-fitting lid and are lined with trash bags.
  • Firewood – Store firewood away from your home and off the ground, if possible. Piles of firewood are attractive to pests such as termites. A stack of firewood acts as both shelter and a food supply. To keep pulp-eating pests out of your home, move your firewood pile away from any buildings. 
  • Garden Maintenance – Try reducing pests from entering your home by placing plants away from your home’s structure. Many residential pests are fully capable of surviving in nature as well as inside your home. Maintaining a clear, plant-free zone around your home is an excellent habit for pest prevention and control.
  • Remove Water Sources – Removing water sources will have a great reward in the reduction of mosquito breeding. People often ask how they can get rid of the mosquitoes that are in their yards, patio, or area around their homes. The ideal approach for controlling mosquitoes is to never let the population explode in the first place. You can do this by making your entire yard less attractive to mosquitoes.
    • Be sure to eliminate (or treat) any of these breeding grounds in your yard. 
    • Lawn or yard ornaments with standing water features
    • Buckets that accumulate rainwater or runoff
    • Puddles
    • Landscape ponds
    • Bird baths
    • Ruts that hold standing water
    • Clogged gutters and downspouts
    • Plant bowls saucers
    • Other items that can collect rainwater or runoff – such as a wheelbarrow that is not turned upside down

Spring Pest Prevention and Control

If you have or suspect a pest problem or would like to know more about protecting your home and yards, call our team of experts at Griffin Pest Solutions. Our team is innovative, reliable, and ready to meet you and your property in whatever you might need. Above all, Griffin Pest Solutions has 90 years of experience. Call us today for your free quote!