It’s easy to assume that the onset of the winter means the absence of the summer pests that have been bothering us for months. All kinds of pests scramble to get inside our insulated structures once the weather turns for worse, and the ones that fail to see dramatic population decline. However, some pests are more resilient than others, and ticks are included in this category. Even though they are closely associated with the heat of the summer, it’s important to keep watch for ticks through the winter, too. Read on to learn more about ticks in winter and what you can do to stop them from our experts at Griffin Pest Solutions.

When is Tick Season?

Ticks are certainly most active in the summer; many of us associate tick problems with walking our dogs or going on hikes. It’s important to always conduct a tick check after being outside around tall grass in the heat. However, heat is just one crucial contributor to their health. Ticks also need humidity to survive. Because they don’t drink water, ticks seek out environments with high average humidity to remain hydrated and comfortable.

Although a harsh winter can kill off a significant portion of a tick population, these pests have a few survival strategies that can get them through the cold season. Here are some ways they respond:

  1. Ticks can find a host animal to latch onto that will provide them with body heat and essential nutrients through the winter
  2. If no hosts are available, ticks can find success hiding in leaf litter for protection and insulation
  3. Soft-shell ticks will burrow underground during the winter for increased protection

Avoiding Ticks in Michigan this Winter

Ticks are far less active when temperatures fall consistently below 45° in the ground is wet or icy. That said, even though you’re less likely to deal with them, they can still pop out to cause problems for you and your pets. Here are some ways to protect yourself from ticks this winter:

  • Regularly remove yard waste. We often find takes hiding in leaf piles, so it’s best to dispose of them sooner than later.
  • Check your pets often. Ticks love to latch onto dogs, so make sure to inspect them every time you return from a walk.
  • Have a professional tick inspection. Setting up a barrier treatment in your yard can shut down tick activity through the winter.

What Can Tick Exterminators Do for Me?

Deer ticks, which are infamous for their ability to induce Lyme disease in humans, live right here in Michigan. If you want to ensure that your family is safe from the dangers of ticks, reach out to your local tick exterminators today. Our expert technicians at Griffin Pest Solutions are highly-trained in the safest and most effective methods of tick control for our climate. We can ensure that your property stays tick-free through every season. Contact us today for a free quote!

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