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The brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive pest that first appeared in the United States, it’s believed, in 2001. Since then, their range has grown to cover most of the east coast and Midwest, and, unfortunately, Michigan. The good news is that brown marmorated stink bugs are fairly harmless to humans, pets, and property. The bad news is that they congregate in large numbers and can still be quite irritating. They also release a highly unpleasant odor, which is of course, why they’re called “stink bugs.”

Harmless though they may be, there are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want to deal with them. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our expert tips on how to get rid of the brown marmorated stink bug.

When Do You Find Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in Michigan?

Brown marmorated go dormant or die off in cold Michigan winter. They emerge in the spring and lay eggs from May to around August or September. They tend to be most numerous in the summer and into the fall. This is why they’re considered a seasonal pest.

How Can You Get Rid of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs?

Since brown marmorated stink bugs are harmless and often sluggish, you can easily deal with individuals yourself. Some popular ways to get rid of stink bugs include:

  • Trapping them and throwing them back outside – Although this won’t solve problems with large numbers of stink bugs, it’s one of the easiest ways to deal with individuals. Stink bugs are harmless and often sluggish, so it’s fairly easy to do this.
  • Squashing them – To squash or not to squash? If you do squash a stink bug, it’s sure to release the odorous chemical that gives them their name. On the other hand, research shows that stink bugs tend to avoid areas where they detect that odor. So it’s a question of whether or not you can tolerate a little temporary stink.
  • Vacuuming them up – If you find a brown marmorated stink bug hotspot where many are gathered, or even if you just don’t want to get close to one, vacuuming them up may be your best bet. A shop vac with an extender attachment can also help you get to hard-to-reach stink bugs. Make sure you empty the vacuum into a sealed bag afterward because stink bugs have been known to climb out.
  • DIY stink bug traps – Fill a small tray with soapy water and place it under a lamp. The light will attract stink bugs, but when they arrive they’ll fall into the water and drown.
  • Indoor pesticides – There are indoor pesticides that claim to work against a variety of household pests, but we caution against using them. They’re not entirely effective against brown marmorated stink bugs and we advise against using chemical treatments indoors unless you’re a trained professional.

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Can You Hire a Professional Exterminator to Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

Yes! If you’ve had it with brown marmorated stink bugs in your home or business and don’t want to hassle with DIY removal methods, you should call a licensed exterminator. A trained stink bug control expert can root out the problem at the source and apply effective treatments that will solve your problem as quickly as possible.

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Brown marmorated stink bugs are becoming more numerous in Michigan and unfortunately that trend is likely to continue. If you’ve had enough already, the experienced exterminators at Griffin Pest Solutions can help.

We’ve been dealing with brown marmorated stink bugs since they first arrived on the scene – and we’re familiar with their biology and behaviors, which puts us in the best position to deliver long-lasting results. Give us a call today to schedule your treatment.

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