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How Long Does Mosquito Treatment Last?

Depending on the type of mosquito treatment employed, its effectiveness typically spans one to two months. Factors such as weather conditions, environmental factors, and the size of the mosquito population can influence the duration of efficacy. When you engage with a professional mosquito control specialist like Griffin Pest Solutions, they will assess the need for retreatment of your property in Michigan based on these factors. The objective is to maintain a mosquito-free yard throughout the entire mosquito season, necessitating multiple treatments if required.

How long does a mosquito treatment last

Do I Need More Than One Mosquito Treatment?

Generally, it’s advisable to schedule multiple mosquito treatments to sustain continuous protection against mosquitoes during spring and summer. As the applied repellent degrades over approximately a month, the protective barrier around your yard weakens. Rather than allowing the repellent to dissipate completely, it’s crucial to have your yard retreated to uphold protection for you and your family until the onset of fall and winter.

How Often Should I Treat My Yard For Mosquitoes?

In addition to professional treatments, it’s essential to conduct regular yard inspections for signs of mosquito activity. Implement the following routine to deter mosquitoes effectively:

  1. Conduct weekly yard inspections during mosquito season to detect signs of activity.
  2. Eliminate any containers holding stagnant water to prevent mosquito breeding.
  3. Utilize fans outdoors to deter mosquitoes from congregating while spending time outside.

Mosquito Treatment Timeline

Commencing in early spring, typically around early April in Michigan, mosquito treatment should be initiated. Following the initial treatment, Griffin Pest Solutions will collaborate with you to establish the timing for potential retreatments, typically occurring every 4-6 weeks after the initial application of repellent. Should you observe any ineffectiveness of the repellent within the first month, promptly seek assistance from your exterminator.

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