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Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Mosquitoes are notorious for their bites, primarily carried out by female mosquitoes using their proboscis to pierce the skin and extract blood. Their targets aren’t limited to humans; they also feed on small birds and mammals, leaving behind marks and rashes on the skin. Additionally, mosquito bites are associated with numerous diseases worldwide, although cases of mosquito-borne diseases in Michigan are rare, they remain a nuisance.

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Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Female mosquitoes bite to obtain the nutrients essential for egg development. After biting, they can breed and lay eggs. Unlike males, females have proboscises resembling needles, comprising two tubes. One tube injects saliva containing various chemicals to reduce pain, thin the blood, and prevent clotting, while the other tube is used to suck up the blood.

Mosquito Bite Symptoms in Michigan

Mosquito bites commonly occur on exposed skin areas and exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Pinkish-red, itchy bumps forming within minutes of the mosquito bite.
  • Bumps may intensify in redness and darken over the next day or two.
  • Typically, the bump measures less than ½ inch across.
  • Itching is the most prevalent symptom, with scratching potentially exacerbating symptoms, leading to bruising or rashes.
  • Severe cases may manifest as fever, severe headaches, nausea, and fatigue, warranting medical attention.

Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs or Cats?

Mosquitoes can indeed bite pets, including cats and dogs. While cats are less susceptible due to their dense fur, they may still get bitten on their nose and ears. Dogs are more vulnerable to mosquito bites, potentially resulting in irritating bite marks. Furthermore, mosquitoes can transmit diseases to animals, similar to their transmission to humans.

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