The first time you saw a silverfish, you were probably… concerned, to say the least. Silverfish are freaky looking. They don’t even look like insects so much as weird, terrestrial shrimp creatures. To make matters worse, the fishy pests have some sinister-seeming habits. They hang out in the dark and tend to come darting out of hiding places suddenly. No wonder they tend to freak people out!

Just like with most pests, however, the silverfishes’ appearance is the scariest thing about it. Once you know a thing or two about silverfish, you’ll understand that they’re nothing to be afraid of. Griffin wants to help, which is why we made this quick look at what silverfish are all about. This is what you should know about the weird little silver pests, including what they want with you:

Silverfish are an extremely common and widespread pest. You’ve almost certainly had them at one point or another, even if you didn’t know it. In fact, homeowners frequently accidentally transport them inside themselves!

Silverfish may not be as scary as they seem, but they’re pests nonetheless. If you think you have an infestation, give Griffin Pest Solutions a call any time. We’ll figure out how your bugs got in, kick them out, and make sure they can’t get in again.

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