During the month-long recognition of National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has drawn attention to the fact that spring allergies are not only the result blooming plants, fresh cut grass and pollen in the air.

Allergies caused by indoor pests

Many allergies are the result of household pests such as cockroaches and rodents that are known to trigger asthma and allergy symptoms, especially in children.

In a study conducted jointly by the National Pest Management Association and Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, nearly nine out of 10 allergists surveyed believe a pest-free* home is an important first step in preventing asthma and allergy symptoms.

The survey also revealed that 76% of allergists surveyed indicate that aside from dust mites, that cockroaches are the most problematic pest for patients suffering from asthma and allergies.

Homeowners know that cockroaches can contaminate and spoil food but may wonder how these pests can cause asthma and allergy problems. The answer to that is that the allergens cockroaches leave behind inside a home linger in the air or settle in house dust.

The allergens become airborne when the air is stirred up by movement like children playing or running through the house, during home renovation projects or even dusting furniture.

Determining if a person with persistent asthma is allergic to cockroaches can only be made by a skin test performed by a health care professional. They will scratch or prick the skin with cockroach extract and if redness, an itchy rash or swelling appear then it is likely the person is allergic to cockroaches.

How do homeowners protect themselves from pest-related asthma and allergies? Griffin Pest Solutions recommends attacking the source of the problem itself – the cockroach.

Griffin Pest Solutions has years of experience preventing and eliminating cockroaches from inside customer’s homes and has put together the following checklist to your home cockroach (and allergy) free:

Griffin Pest Solutions Cockroach Prevention Checklist

 Keep kitchen counters, sinks, tables, floors, cabinets and pantries clean and free of clutter.

 Clean dishes, crumbs and spills right away – cockroaches love grease and waste.

 Store food in airtight containers where cockroaches cannot access it.

 Seal cracks or openings around home foundations and inside cabinets.

 Eliminate excess moisture build up (i.e. a leaky faucet).

 Inspect packages, school backpacks or laundry bins for signs of cockroaches (and other pests). Don’t be afraid to give items a good shake!

 Keep the landscape plants next to your house trimmed and don’t use too much mulch as it provides an ideal harborage for cockroaches.

If you have a problem with or questions about cockroaches or pest-related allergies call or e-mail Griffin Pest Solutions at 888/547-4334 or callcenter@

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