National Termite Awareness Week is March 13 – 19, 2016, and Griffin Pest Solutions is determined to deny termites a reason to celebrate and feed on the wood in and around your house.

While termites are most commonly associated with warm, humid climates like Florida, Louisiana and Texas, the eastern subterranean termite (Reticulitermes flavipes for you science lovers!) is the most serious wood-destroying pest in Michigan and are much more common than most people realize, according to researchers at Michigan State University.

Protecting your home from termites is not the easiest task since they are an aggressive, relentless pest that feeds around-the-clock but often goes undetected since they enter through the soil beneath a home.

These “silent” intruders can cause significant structural damage to your home. A colony of 60,000 termites can eat the equivalent of 2 ft. length of a 2” x 4” piece of lumber in a year’s time if left to their own destructive ways!

If you suspect that termites have targeted your home for their next dinner buffet, Griffin Pest Solutions recommends you contact a pest management professional for a thorough inspection and review of treatment options.

Playing the do-it-yourself card with termites can end up backfiring and lead to unwanted headaches, hassles and cost a significant amount of money to correct. There are steps homeowners can take to prevent termites from taking aim at their home and as the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound or two of cure.”

Griffin Pest Solutions’ termite prevention tips for homeowners include:

  • Maintain a 12-inch vertical barrier of smooth concrete, sand, or other non-cellulose material between the soil surface and substructure wood crawl spaces.
  • Identify and correct conditions that are conducive to attracting termites such as stucco siding or untreated wood that comes into contact with the ground.
  • Use synthetic wood and non-cellulose building materials for fences, decks or other structures that come into contact with soil.
  • Remove wood piles, untreated fence posts, tree stumps and buried scrap wood near structures.
  • Keep wood piles off the ground to prevent wood to soil contact.
  • Keep basement and crawlspace areas well ventilated and dry – excess moisture attracts termites.
  • Repair foundation cracks and seal openings on exterior walls and soffits to deny termites easy access.
  • Don’t overwater your lawn or sprinkle stucco or wood siding.
  • Keep your gutters and downspouts clear of wet leaves so moisture does not build up.
  • Keep landscape shrubs trimmed and not touching the house.
  • Regularly inspect porches and exterior structural or foundation wood for signs of termites.

If you have questions on termites call or e-mail Griffin Pest Solutions at 888/547-4334 or callcenter@

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