Rat using window to get into house

Whether you have a rat infestation or you’re trying to prevent one, it’s important to know how rats get in the house in the first place. From cracks in the foundation to holes in the roof, rats don’t discriminate as long as they can find shelter, food, and water.


How do rats get in your house?

Don’t let a rat problem stop you from relaxing in your own home. Learn more about popular entry points for these pesky pests in order to keep them out! Rats get into your house…

1. Through cracks in the walls and foundation

Rats can squeeze through spaces that are as small as a quarter! That’s why it’s important to repair any damage in the foundation and walls in your house.

2. By sneaking into chimneys

When it starts to get cold, rats tend to sneak into homes through the chimney in search of warmth and shelter. If rats are entering through your chimney, try installing a mesh-covered chimney cap to keep small rodents from getting in.

3. Crawling in through roof damage

If you have rats in your attic, there’s a good chance you have holes in your roof. Make sure you have any damages in your roof repaired ASAP!

4. Through vents

Vents commonly have openings that are large enough for a rat to get through; rats can also squeeze through any gaps around the vent. To prevent rats from sneaking into your home through vents, seal any gaps and holes right away.

5. Entering through gaps around windows

Rats have no problems entering through gaps or cracks around windows. Solve this problem by sealing any openings and checking your screens for damages.


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