Tick outside

How Can I Avoid Ticks Outside?

Ticks are all over Michigan, particularly in summer. The fact is, if you go outside at all around this time of year, it will be tough to avoid ticks. That’s…

Tick removal

How do you remove a tick?

The best way to remove a tick is always to use fine-tipped tweezers to grip the tick’s as close to your skin as possible and pull straight upward, with firm,…

How to check for ticks

How to Check for Tick Bites

Ticks can latch on anywhere, but they’re fond of warm, dark places such as armpits, joints, behind ears or in hair. They will typically try to crawl to your head….

Lyme Disease More Common Than Thought

Lyme Disease 10 Times More Prevalent than Previously Reported  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rolled out new information regarding the prevalence of Lyme disease in the US….