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Welcome to the Flea Market

the Flea Market is a free market for pest management professionals

Finally, a solution to fit everyone else.  Life’s busy.  Not everyone can work regular shifts.  That’s why we have the Flea Market.  A work option for the rest of us.

Our on-call employees enjoy great pay, better sales opportunities, and the ability to work when they want.  No hassles, no guilt, no time off requests.   They work when they can.    And, they get to keep their current job, we won’t interfere with their schedules or their life.

We want to be the goto choice for pest control professionals looking to increase their earnings or supplement them to get that house down payment, reduce debt, take a 2nd honeymoon.    For over 90 years, we’ve helped our employees, customers, and community reach their goals.  We want to help you too.

… a whopping 36% of U.S. workers have a gig work arrangement, Gallup reports. These include people with “alternative work arrangements” such as independent contractors, temporary and on-call workers, and those who work for online platforms. Virtually all (94%) of net employment growth from 2005 to 2015 is made up of such gig jobs, a study by Princeton and Harvard found. And an NPR/Marist poll found that 30% of full-time workers have taken on an extra job for pay.– Barron’s 12/27/2018


Ideal for single-owner pest control operators who enjoy their “I work for myself” lifestyle

Our on-call or “gig” workers are true employees, no 1099s.

We pay you a % of the route work you do.

You can work anywhere from 0 to 30 hours per week – on your schedule.

We provide tools, apps, and training to help you along the way.

You use your own vehicle, equipment, and approved products.

You get paid to sell and service accounts with higher insurance limits, audit standards, chains, and regional locations.