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UPDATE: Residential Pest Control and Removal During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Griffin has updated our residential service procedures to take some extra safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Until further notice, all applicable treatments will be conducted outside ONLY. We will only enter your home upon request. These changes will NOT impact the efficacy of our treatment programs.

For more information about how Griffin is responding to COVID-19, see our full COVID-19 update. For more exterior-only treatments and specials you can share with anyone else who needs them, check out our Stay Safe Special.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

At Griffin Pest Solutions, we understand that the safety and comfort of your home is your top priority. That’s why we offer comprehensive residential pest control solutions that cater to all your pest control and prevention needs. Because we understand that each pest problem is unique, our technicians are trained with the highest of standards.

Residential Pest Control in Michigan & Surrounding States Since 1929

Our customer service representatives and service technicians are ready to help. Our family truly cares about protecting your property and your family, that’s why we have high hiring standards for our employees.

Residents of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio have trusted us since 1929.  We know we’re the right choice for your family.  Whether its bees under your deck, mice in the attic, or suspected bed bugs…no matter what type of pest problem you have, Griffin Pest Solutions is here to help.

One-Time Pest Control Services

Griffin Pest offers one time services to target a single pest. While prevention is recommended and our service packages provide great protection, we understand that sometimes you have a problem can can be solved with one visit. Our technicians will work with you to decide if your pest problems can be solved on an as-needed basis or if there is a bigger issue at hand.

Residential Pest Service Packages

Prevention is always better than procrastination. Annual service packages from Griffin Pest ensure your family and home are safe and pest free. We offer a variety of programs to best fit your homes’ unique needs. Learn more about our Bronze, Gold, and Universal Service Packages.

Most Common Pests in Homes

Depending on the season, we see a lot of different pests. These are some of the most common that our technicians vanquish daily:

  • Ants. Do you get sugar ants in your home during the summer months? They’re those little black ones that skitter all over your kitchen, especially when there’s something sweet on the floor. They’re also known as odorous ants due to the rotten smell they emit when crushed.
  • Termites in your home can cause significant damage. The problem is they burrow into the wooden structures and aren’t easily noticeable. Signs of termites in homes include damaged wood, mud tubes, sawdust like debris and eggs.
  • Earwigs and centipedes prefer dark damp places like basements.  They may not be harmful, but a lot of people ask us “How can I get rid of centipedes in my home?” We can help!
  • Mice are the eternal pest. They breed quickly and cause damage in your walls. Mice also pose a serious health risk which makes it even more important to get rid of them. Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Griffin office if you notice signs of mice in your home.
  • Bees are a dangerous summer nuisance. If you’ve spotted a hive in your yard, spare yourself some painful stings and call a professional to remove it. That’s our recommendation for how to get rid of bees in your home.
  • Spiders are shy but can cause a stir. Don’t be bashful about using pest control for dangerous eight-legged adversaries or even common spiders in the home. We’ll help you sleep at night.

Pest Control Service Area

Griffin is ready to help protect your home from pests as fast as you notice them. With locations throughout the state, you’ll never wonder where to find “residential pest control near me.” We always have a certified expert on standby to take your call. If you live around any of the following cities, you can always count on our help:

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