Rodents: The Domesticated Pests


Rodents are one of the most successful groups of mammals on Earth, having been able to survive in many different types of environments. They also have figured out many ways to avoid danger. Even though they can’t see very well, all of their other senses are very strong. While some rodents have cute appearances and can be kept as domestic pets, they are broadly considered pests for a few reasons. Their habit of damaging human food, property, and health make rodent pest control an important concern for homeowners.

Reasons for Rodent Pest Control

1. Rodents consume human food, both in storage and in fields, and damage food stores with their urine and droppings.

2. Some species of rodents can transmit human diseases.

3. Rodents can damage property, including clothing and structures, through burrowing and gnawing. If this occurs with electrical wires, a fire can result.

The Most Common Rodents