Professional mosquito control services in Michigan

Mosquito on a leaf in Michigan

Griffin Pest Solutions offers mosquito control and removal services in southeast Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Our mosquito treatment plan wipes out mosquitoes and helps prevent them from breeding around you at the same time. If you have a mosquito problem, contact Griffin today.

How will Griffin’s mosquito control services solve my problem?

Griffin’s mosquito treatment plan combines chemical, mechanical, and environmental preventative measures to eliminate infestations and repel mosquitoes in the future. Control applicators like mosquito misting systems and mosquito spray wipe out adult mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, and eggs. Clearing standing water and installing insect growth regulator traps helps keep mosquitoes away.

By addressing the underlying reasons why mosquitoes breed near you, Griffin’s mosquito treatment does more than conventional control. Not only do we wipe out mosquitoes now, but we also help prevent them from coming back. The result is a mosquito treatment you can count on all season long.

Controlling mosquitoes is a particularly big deal in Michigan, especially recently. Here’s what you should know about the mosquitoes in Michigan, and what you should do about them:

Why does Michigan need professional mosquito control services?

Culex pipiens mosquito on a leaf in Michigan

Mosquitoes are particularly prevalent in Michigan because of our proximity to water and dense woodlands and our humid continental climate. This temperate climate also means Michigan’s mosquito breeding season is particularly long. Most years, mosquitoes multiply constantly in Michigan from late March to as late as early November.

The longer the breeding season, the denser the mosquito population… which is why mosquitoes get so annoying by late summer. Unfortunately, mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they also transmit disease, including the EEE virus. Professional mosquito control helps curb mosquito populations near you and lowers your risk of contracting these diseases.

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What are the types of mosquito in Michigan?

The two most common mosquitoes in Michigan are: 1. the Culex pipiens, or common house mosquito, and 2. the Aedes vexans, or inland floodwater mosquito. Both mosquitoes thrive in temperate, humid climates and breed in standing water. Aedes vexans hibernate through winter, while Culex pipiens can remain active all year in shelter.

Are mosquitoes in Michigan dangerous?

Aedes vexans mosquito feeding on a person's arm in Michigan

Unfortunately, yes: Culex pipiens is a transmission vector of the West Nile virus. Both Culex pipiens and Aedes vexans transmit the Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus. Elderly people, children and pets are particularly vulnerable to mosquito-borne illnesses. The CDC confirms that mosquito control can lower your risk of contracting these diseases.

How can I prevent mosquitoes near me?

The best way to reduce mosquito populations near you is to clean up the standing water mosquitoes rely on to breed. Prevent water from pooling in rain gutters, buckets, plastic covers, or natural low spots around your yard. Ensure water in your water features is not stagnant or change it frequently.

During breeding season, mosquitoes can seem so prevalent in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio that they seem impossible to manage. Fortunately, however, mosquitoes are just another pest. Like any pest, they can be prevented effectively with the right pest control. Griffin Pest Solutions is the right pest control.

Griffin’s mosquito treatment is available on a regular basis or as a quick, one-time only application for special events. Call now and we’ll render your property mosquito free, so you can actually enjoy your yard again.

Mosquitoes FAQ

What is the EEE virus and how do mosquitoes spread it?

Invasive Asian Tiger mosquito feeding on a person's arm in Michigan

EEE, or Eastern equine encephalitis virus, is a mosquito-borne illness. It causes symptoms ranging from mild sickness to severe brain infection and death. EEE is transmitted to humans when a mosquito that has fed on an infected bird also bites a human.

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Can mosquitoes spread the coronavirus?

Mosquito on a home window screen in Michigan

The World Health Organization states that mosquitoes do not spread the coronavirus. The CDC has no data to suggest that ticks or mosquitoes can transmit the disease, either. Likewise, the CDC considers the risk of COVID-19 transmission from animal contact very low.

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How long do mosquitoes live?

Mosquito sting in Michigan

Female mosquitoes are the survivors of the species. They typically live two to three weeks but have been known to survive in sheltered areas for up to six months. Male mosquitoes live significantly shorter lives and rarely make it past ten days.

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How can I keep mosquitoes out of my yard?

Mosquito breeding site on a leaf

The best way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard is to find and eliminate any sources of standing water that accumulate during mosquito mating season. Look for puddles, leaks, runoff, natural low spots, mud, and anywhere else where water may not drain or flow properly.

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