CentipedesMost centipedes are found in damp and protected environments, like under rocks, leaf piles, and woodpiles. As far as Michigan centipedes, the house centipede is the most common. The house centipede can reproduce indoors, and they are found in damp basement and crawl spaces, hiding in cracks and holes in walls. They also hide under carpet edges and behind baseboards in basements.

Is the “bite” of a centipede poisonous?

Centipedes do not actually bite; they inject venom from claws found in their front legs, and that is why it seems like a bite when handled or stepped on with bare feet. Centipede venom is not strong enough to be fatal on humans but it can cause swelling, irritation and pain similar to that of a bee sting.

Additional Michigan Centipede Info

Appearance – They have long legs that help them move quickly. Centipedes can be more than 1 inch long. They have one pair of legs per segment of their body (compared to 2 pairs on millipedes).

Biology – Centipedes can sting, which can be as painful as a bee sting, if handled or stepped on with bare feet. The stung area should be cleaned to prevent infection, and use an ice pack to prevent swelling.

Prevention – The number of centipedes may go down if the dampness of basement or crawl space is reduced. If there are a lot of them, the basement or crawl space can be treated. Remove places they could live outdoors near your home if there are other species of centipedes. If needed, call your pest management professional for treatment options.

Centipede Pest Control Tips

1. Eliminate the Source – Centipedes like damp environments, so locate and eliminate and damp or moist spots in your home.

2. Eliminate Entry Points – By sealing cracks in the foundation of your home, you can reduce or eliminate centipedes from entering your home.

3. Keep Doors Closed – Keep your doors closed and sealed in the summer months. Many bugs, like centipedes, often enter the home through an open door.

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