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crawling insect control

No one wants crawling insects in their home. At Griffin Pest Solutions we understand the importance of maintaining a pest free, comfortable and safe environment for your entire family. Whether you are dealing with ants or a full-blown termite infestation, Griffin Pest Solutions can help. We have the team and the tools to eliminate your pest problem and help you prevent any future pest infestations.

Our trained and professional staff can quickly diagnose the crawling insect that is bugging you and implement a pest management solution customized to your home and your budget.

Types of Crawling Insects in Michigan

Local Crawling Insect Control You Can Count On

If you live in Michigan, Northern Indiana, or Northern Ohio and you’re dealing with any of the crawling insects we’ve listed here, Griffin Pest Solutions is ready to help you now. Griffin has been a Michigan pest control company since 1929. We know Michigan–and Michigan’s pests–better than just about any one. If you live in any of the following areas, give us a call for quick pest solutions you can count on:

Griffin Pest Solutions offers a wide variety of pest control and management services to all the homes and businesses of Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio. Whether you’re dealing with the crawling insects up above or some other pest you can’t even identify, Griffin has the solution to your problem. Call us now and we’ll get rid of your pests–no ifs, ants, or bugs!