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Pest and Bug Identification Index

Need to know what insects are crawling around your house? Worried about how to handle pests or when it’s time to call the professionals? Pest identification can be tricky. That’s why Griffin Pest Solutions developed the following list of pest identification and control solutions for pesky insects, rodents and other wildlife that could be invading your home or office. Although our Pest Index offers valuable information and helpful DIY tips, do not use it as a substitute for professional pest control. Our trained, certified technicians will properly assess your pest infestation and create a plan to eradicate the pests. They’ll do so in the safest most environmentally friendly manner possible. Click on the type of pest you’re dealing with below to learn how we can identify, remove, and prevent it!

Pest Control Services in Your Area

If you see this pest problem on this list, it means Griffin Pest Solutions can help you. Get in touch with us using the form on the right! We’ll identify your problem, wipe out your infestation, and make sure you never have to deal with it again. Even better, Griffin’s local branch offices allow us to reach and help you quickly. If you live in any of the following areas, call now for fast pest control you can count on:

Griffin Pest Solutions has been right here serving the homes and businesses of Michigan since 1929. If you’re dealing with any of the pests listed up above and you live in Michigan, Northern Indiana, or Northern Ohio, then Griffin Pest Solutions is the pest service to call. We have the solution to your pest problem–no ifs, ants, or bugs!