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Protect Your Bottom Line

Businesses lose millions of dollars each year when employees come into contact with insects and rodents because some of these pests carry diseases or allergens. Additionally, computers and other property get damaged because of insect and rodent activity. A healthy, pest-free work environment is important in order to promote productivity, profitability, and a good image for the company.

We will work with you to minimize worries and make your business a healthier and more productive place for all employees. Your mind will be at ease knowing that your business is protected from pests through a service provided by educated and highly trained professionals. Griffin Pest’s solutions for commercial pest control in property management will exceed your expectations.

Documentation & Reporting

Our team will use a variety of tools for inspection, identification, treatment, and communication with you and your staff.  During regular visits, our pest control professionals electronically record signs, levels, types and locations of pest activity, along with the treatment technique and products used. This data is collected and analyzed continuously to determine trends and identify priority areas. Working closely with customers and their vendors is critical to ensuring product integrity.

Quick and Easy Centralized Contact Center

Call our convenient toll-free number for a quick response from technical and support personnel. Our Customer Service Agents are trained and certified in pest management through the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Purdue University extension courses, and various best practices. We recognize the importance of speaking your language and have assembled a first-class team of responders at all levels of our organization.

24/7 Emergency Response

Call our contact center for 24-hour emergency help with commercial pest control in property management or with questions and concerns that you may have.