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Prevention is Key

When a tenant complains about seeing an insect or rodent, it’s too late. Having a preventive pest programs is the key. Whether you have 2 units or 2000 units, our team will design a targeted pest control for multi-housing program using the latest tools and techniques to take care of any current pest problems and work to prevent any future pest issues. If persistent pests overpower the strictest preventive methods and keep coming back, Griffin Pest Solutions will respond quickly. Our prompt response will help you keep good relationships with your tenants. 

Documentation & Reporting

During inspections and treatments, our pest control professionals electronically record signs, levels, types and locations of pest activity, along with the treatment technique and products used.  This data is collected and analyzed continuously to determine trends and identify priority areas. All captured data is available to you and your staff through our secure website.

Quick and easy Centralized Contact Center (888)-547-4334

Call our convenient toll-free number for a quick response from technical and support personnel. Our Customer Service Agents are trained and certified in pest management through the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Purdue University extension courses, and various best practices.  We recognize the importance of speaking your language and have assembled a first-class team of responders at all levels of our organization.

24/7 Emergency Response

Call our contact center for 24-hour emergency help or questions and concerns that you may have.

Apartment Pest Control Service Areas

Griffin has the resources and expertise to protect your apartment and multi-housing structures from any pest problem as soon as you notice it. Griffin’s multiple locations throughout Michigan mean we always have an expert ready to help nearby. If your business is near any of these cities, we’re ready to help right now: