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Exceeding Manufacturing Industry Standards

Griffin Pest Solutions has specific programs designed to meet and exceed good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good laboratory practice (GLP) standards for your manufacturing facility. We understand how difficult it is to achieve the right balance between low pest tolerance and low operating costs.

We work with our customers to ensure we meet their needs, protect their facilities, and point out potential cost-savings through proven Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques such as exclusion of pest harborages, reduction of vegetation zones around building exteriors, and continuous trend analysis. Once we design, write and approve a plan, our resources implement and monitor the program. We then suggest corrective actions if issues arise. Within our program, we provide site diagrams with device locations, training and badging backup personnel, approval of final report templates, among many other items. We work for and with your team to exceed your expectations.

Documentation & Reporting

At Griffin Pest Solutions, we use a versatile approach to solving and preventing pest problems while making our product selection practical. Our team will use a variety of tools for inspection, identification, treatment, and communication with you and your staff. During regular visits, our pest control professionals electronically record signs, levels, types of pest activity, and activity locations, along with the treatment technique and products used. This data is collected and analyzed continuously to determine trends and identify priority areas and is available to you and your staff via our secure website 24/7.

Centralized Contact Center

Call our convenient toll-free number for a quick response from technical and support personnel. Our Customer Service Agents are trained and certified in pest management. Their certifications are through the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Purdue University extension courses, and various best practices. We recognize the importance of speaking your language and have first-class teams of responders at all levels of our organization. Contact us through email, phone (888-547-4334), and live chat. We’re here to help.

24/7 Emergency Response

Call our contact center for 24-hour emergency help or questions and concerns that you may have, (888) 547-4334.

Manufacturing Pest Control Service Areas

Griffin has the resources and expertise to protect your business from any pest problem as soon as you notice it. Griffin’s multiple locations throughout Michigan mean we always have an expert ready to help nearby. If your business is near any of these cities, we’re ready to help right now: