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Protect Your Reputation

One unhappy customer of your hotel, inn, or resort can do a lot of damage to your reputation if they come in contact with pests like ants, mice, or the dreaded bed bugs. Griffin Pest Solutions understands how important it is for your business to put rooms back in use as soon as possible after a customer complaint. Commercial pest control in hospitality and lodging is often urgently needed and of the utmost importance for your reputation, customer retention, and sales.

Our team provides many treatments and practices that exclude and prevent pests in the hospitality industry. Highly trained technicians will design a treatment program to take care of any pest problem in your hotel or motel.

At Griffin Pest Solutions, we know that in order to fully get rid of a pest, you need to treat its breeding grounds, entry points, and flyways. Our Integrated Pest Management Program focuses on long-term solutions instead of just a quick fix. Technicians will work with you to isolate trouble areas, and come up with a program to prevent pests from returning. Griffin Pest Solutions’ customized programs meet all public health requirements along with exceeding your expectations.

General Pest Control Services

Regular service will include conducting thorough inspections, monitoring, and pest abatement.

Our technicians maintain accurate records of all inspections, treatments, and materials in your facility logbook. They do so by using handheld scanners and barcodes.

All data collected from the scanners is downloaded to a secure website where select staff can access the records. The site contains a complete history of all service attributes including service history, billing history, chemical applications, pest issues as well as maintenance issues, which may aide pests in entry to the facility or harborage.

Bed Bug Services

Nothing is worse than finding a bed bug in your facility. It requires quick action on the part of your staff and our pest management team. We work with your staff to devise a plan of action prior to an occurrence so no time is wasted when our team arrives on site. Our K9 team can help pinpoint whether it’s a single bed bug or multiple bed bugs and exactly where they are located. Upon confirmation, our team can begin implementing a treatment solution:

Hotel & Lodging Pest Control Service Areas

Griffin has the resources and expertise to protect your business from any pest problem as soon as you notice it. Griffin’s multiple locations throughout Michigan mean we always have an expert ready to help nearby. If your business is near any of these cities, we’re ready to help right now: