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Exceeding Healthcare Regulations

Commercial Pest Control in Healthcare

At Griffin Pest Solutions, we understand that commercial pest control in healthcare facilities needs to maintain a pest-free environment in a way that meets regulations. We know of your commitment and responsibility to minimize the risk of chemical exposure and reduce the use of pesticides in your facilities. Because of this, our professional team will design a program that suits your facility and your mission.

We provide service and consultations to many leading healthcare facilities in the area. No matter the number of patients you have, Griffin Pest Solutions will provide you with a pest management program that fits your needs. Our team will respond quickly and with attention to detail. We will work with your team, listen to their needs and priorities, and add our knowledge and experience to the discussion to create a winning, meaningful pest management plan.

General Pest Services

Regular service will include conducting thorough inspections, monitoring, and pest abatement. Using handheld scanners and bar codes, our technicians maintain accurate records of all inspections, treatments and materials in your facility logbook. All data collected from the scanners is downloaded to a secure website where select staff can access the records. The site contains a complete history of all service attributes including service history, billing history, chemical applications, pest issues as well as maintenance issues, which may aide pests in entry to the facility or harborage.