In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Griffin has altered the way we conduct nearly all of our pest control treatments, including termite treatment. Whenever possible, we’ll conduct all treatments outside of your home or business only. We will not enter your building unless absolutely necessary, and we always re-confirm permission first.

The reason Griffin is able to take advanced safety precautions like these is because we’ve proven they will not affect the efficacy of our treatments. Our exterior-only treatments will effectively keep pests away without compromise. Our termite treatments are a perfect example. In fact, conducting termite treatment exclusively outside properties only changes our process a little–and doesn’t affect how well we can keep termites away at all. If you call Griffin for termite treatment right now, this is the coronavirus-safe procedure we’ll follow, step by step:

1. Inspection

Upon arrival, Griffin technicians signal that we’ve arrived in the manner we agree upon during your initial call. You don’t have to come out to greet us! We always begin our service with a thorough inspection of your property’s yard and/or perimeter. We conduct this inspection by looking for signs of termite infestation and following them back to the colony.

Signs of burgeoning termite infestation include mud tubes or exhaust holes bored in wood. If your termite infestation is advanced or old, then termites may have already bored through nearby wood waste such as stumps, logs, or twigs, or outstanding structures such as sheds. When we finish our inspection, we’ll have a good idea of where the colony is, how large the colony is what attracted them to you, and where they are now.

2. Planning

During the planning stage, our experts use the information gathered during our inspection to determine the best places to install bait. The specifics of the bait will depend on several factors, including:

  • where the colonies are on your property
  • how the termites move between their colony and food sources
  • whether there are any particularly-vulnerable places we should either avoid or focus on during treatment
  • areas that would be best suited for below-ground installations vs. above-ground installations

We want to place as much bait directly in the path of the termites as possible. The Sentricon system’s Recruit HD termite bait should attract termites from anywhere on your property, but the faster they can find it the better. We’ll also place bait close to any vulnerable food sources in order to help protect them right away. However we end up doing it, we’re trying to get as many of the foraging termite workers on your property to interact with our bait as possible, as quickly as possible.

3. Baiting Installation

Griffin ends termite infestations by installing the SentriconⓇ system around the perimeter of our client’s properties. Sentricon’s bait stations contain “Always Active” Recruit HD termite bait. Termite workers prefer Recruit HD as a food source over any type of nearby wood. Unfortunately for these workers, Recruit HD contains the active ingredient Noviflumuron. When ingested, Noviflumuron prevents worker termites from molting. Without the ability to molt, workers die. Without workers to feed them, the entire termite colony collapses.

By strategically targeting vulnerable areas, we ensure termites find our Recruit HD bait as quickly as possible. When workers carry Recruit HD back to the colony, they’ll leave your wooden structures alone until the colony collapses. After our inspection and planning, the installation process itself is relatively quick. We may ask permission to dig small holes into your yard to place subterranean bait stations. When we’ve installed the Sentricon system, your termite treatment will begin to work effectively and quickly.

4. Monitoring and replacement

So long as the Recruit HD bait lasts, Sentricon will continuously draw in and wipe out nearby termites. The last phase of our exterior termite prevention program is making sure you always have Recruit HD bait you need. After installation, we’ll schedule routine maintenance and monitoring check-ups for your system. During these check ups, we’ll check on vulnerable structures for signs of continued damage, make sure termites are finding and consuming the Recruit HD, and refill stations as necessary.

Follow-ups provide a lot of necessary information about how effective our treatments are. If we can’t find any wood damage and the Recruit HD isn’t consumed, for instance, then the infestation is gone. If we ever find that wood damage is still proceeding even after the introduction of the system, we’ll move the stations to better locations. Griffin will schedule exterior-only, hands-off monitoring and refill appointments to ensure your system continues working as intended until we’re sure the infestation is completely gone.


As you can see, staying outside of your home doesn’t actually affect the Sentricon installation process at all. Our experts can wipe out your termite infestation just as effectively as ever. When we’re finished, you can even pay and schedule online or over the phone, without approaching us or handling physical documentation.

If you’re worried you might have termites chewing their way into your quarantine shelter while you’re stuck inside, give Griffin a call right away. Our team can respond just as quickly, safely, and effectively as ever. No if, ants, or bugs.

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