Bed bugs are highly mobile pests and as a result they possess the uncanny ability to infest a wide array of environments.BED BUG

A recent national survey of pest management professionals revealed some very unusual locations where bed bugs were found including a prosthetic leg, in a casket with a deceased body, a dance club, and on a tow boat in the Ohio River.

The point is bed bugs are a threat to strike virtually any environment and brick and mortar structures including homes, hotels, movie theaters, healthcare facilities, college dormitories and apartment/condominium complexes do not hold a monopoly on being prime bed bug real estate.

Transportation environments including trains, buses, planes, boats, taxis, and camper trailers are susceptible to bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are able to access these locations when brought in on clothing, bedding and luggage, and the numerous cracks and crevices located in these environments create ideal harborage for bed bugs.

While not a seasonal pest by any stretch, 66% of pest management professionals responding to the survey said summer is when they receive the most calls about these nasty, blood-sucking pests. This can be attributed partly to the increase in summer leisure travel when vacationers are hopping on trains and planes, checking into hotels, jumping into taxis, and packing and unpacking luggage.

Bed Bug Summer Travel Tips

  • Pack your belongings inside sealable plastic bags and bring some extra large plastic trash bags.
  • Upon arrival inspect your room for dark fecal or dried blood spots on bedding and closely examine the folds or creases of the mattress and box springs, upholstered chairs, drawers, and headboards.
  • Don’t unpack your suitcase; Only take the clothes out that you will be wearing, and don’t leave your shoes on the floor – keep everything inside your sealable plastic bags.
  • Store the luggage in the bathtub or on a tile floor. These areas are the least likely places bed bugs will be residing.
  • When you return home carefully inspect your possessions for any hitchhiking bed bugs and make sure to thoroughly check the clothing you are wearing. Unpack your bags outdoors or in the garage, and put everything that can be in the washer. For items that can’t be washed, it is recommended placing them in the dryer at the highest temperature setting for at least 10 minutes.

Griffin Pest Solutions’ clients can count on us to deliver proven, highly targeted treatments to any environment. These treatments are done using the latest products and application techniques, and are performed in a time-efficient manner to limit disruption and eliminate the infestation.

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