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You Have The Pest, We’ll Do The Rest

Thorough inspections are a vital step in the bed bug treatment and elimination process. This includes not only the infested room but adjoining rooms as well, as bed bugs are excellent travelers. This allows Griffin Pest Solutions to pinpoint exactly where there are areas of insect activity and to target heat directly to those areas.

Preparing for Bed Bug Treatment

Prior to any bed bug treatment, customers receive pre-treatment instructions, which provides all the necessary pre-treatment and post-treatment information needed to make the bed bug treatment a success. The preparation instructions will provide you with a list of items that can and cannot remain in the treatment area. Our goal is to eliminate the bed bug and its eggs. If we follow preparation instructions as specified, we will be more likely to reach our goal.

Bed Bug Treatment Options Include

Chemical  Chemical Treatment is the most cost-effective treatment however the process can be quite lengthy, as bed bugs are known to be increasingly resistant to pesticides.

Steam – Steam is a completely chemical free treatment option and kills bugs and eggs on direct contact. However, the moisture that is left behind can cause damage if not properly taken care of.

Freezing (Cryonite) – Freezing kills both bugs and eggs on direct contact and is a chemical-free alternative however it can only kill by coming into contact with the insect or the egg. There are no residual effects of our freezing treatment and this treatment does not penetrate materials.

Heat Treatment – With the use of heat, a bed bug infestation can be eliminated in a short period of time, without the use of chemicals, allowing normal use of the room to resume quickly.

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