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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite…Anymore

Pre-Treatment Preparation

Prior to heat treatment, customers receive Bed Bug Heat Treatment instructions, which provides all the necessary pre-treatment and post-treatment information needed to make the heat treatment a success. The preparation instructions will provide you with a list of items that can and cannot remain in the treatment area. Our goal is to eliminate the bed bug and its eggs. This goal is more likely to be reached if preparation instructions are followed as specified. It is also important to consider the following:


Treatment time is an important factor for effectiveness in treating bed bug infestations with heat. Treatment time varies based on factors such as clutter, structure, layout of the space, the severity of the infestation and airflow management.

Depending on the size of the structure, customers will need to vacate the premises for a period of approximately 8-10 hours…possibly longer. It will take several hours to bring the structure up to the appropriate temperature, hold the temperature for the correct length of time, and then slowly bring the temperature of the structure back down to a safe level for customer re-entry.

How Does It Work?

Heat kills by dehydrating or drying the insects out. The high heat/low humidity atmosphere causes insects to die due to lack of moisture. Therefore, the lower the humidity of the heated space, the quicker the insects will die.

For heat treatment to be effective, it is important that all parts of the area being treated reach lethal temperatures. Griffin Pest Solutions will prepare a heating plan, which will consider the layout of the area and its contents so that the heat treatment equipment can be placed optimally to ensure the appropriate temperature is reached.


Typically, customers are able to return to the treatment area on the same day. Temperatures will likely still be elevated when you return and additional items may have been moved to help evenly distribute the heat. Customers will receive complete post-treatment instructions prior to the start of service.

Is Heat Treatment Ideal For Me?

Although heat treatment can be very effective, it is not recommended in every situation. Heat treatment is most effective in the following:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities
  • College Dorms
  • Furniture Rental Stores
  • Apartment Communities
  • Summer Camps
  • Hospitals
  • Military Barracks